Welcome to Catalunya Wine!

Catalunya is set up in 10 sub-regions based on geography, plus one overall appellation DO Catalunya, and an appellation for Catalunya’s sparkling wine, DO Cava. Catalunya is one of the most intriguing areas, as the variety of soil, elevations, climate in such a small area means that the variations can create unique interpretations of the same grape varietal. Combined with its amazing history, and the fact you can ski, swim or hike (sometimes even in the same day) in such a small radius makes Catalunya a must visit for wine enthusiasts!

We bring to you the places in this region where you can enjoy locally made wines, from the vineyards themselves to restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, and the plethora of wine-related festivals and events. You don’t have to do “the typical” experience almost every visitor encounters when they arrive, instead, you can peruse through our information to find what suits your interests and your personality!

Looking for local restaurants serving Catalan wine?

Are you looking for something different than the typical? Are you looking for restaurants with a good selection of local wines? How about top rated? How about a curated list of reds? Coming to Catalunya means that just sticking with the usual favourites, or a standard Spanish Riojas is what to avoid! Read thru our selections of restaurants offering Catalan wines, and you will enjoy something catering to your tastes!

Wine Bars & Shops

Catalunya has a wide selection of unique wine bars and wine shops throughout the region. Our curated selection gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most unique shops offering the best service, the best quality and the best price. Avoid the mistakes many make when they visit new regions!

Festivals, Events & Tours

The amount of selections of what to do can be overwhelming on first glance! We’re here to help you sort which Catalan wine experiences are worth your time, as we have been there, done that, and written the blog! Other platforms can be difficult to sift through due to being broad-based platforms with more than just wine experiences. Plus, wine-based international platforms can miss out on some of the better experiences because it’s hard to know every wine region worldwide. 

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