9 Questions with Haimney Gallery’s Irene Carbonari

The creativity from Argentina to Barcelona is well documented in many aspects, including art, sport, music and more. Irene Carbonari is the latest of talented Argentinians to arrive to Barcelona to make their mark. Irene and her partner, Mariano Sosto, opened up Haimney Gallery near Arc de Triomf last year and have garnered a great reputation for innovative exhibitions incorporating multi-disciplinary artists from designers, painters, sculptors, VJs, DJs, photographers, film directors, and performers to create memorable experiences. Check out Haimney’s latest calendar of events via Facebook here, and their website here. Follow Irene on Instagram >>>>> here.

You and your partner opened Haimney in 2018, and you’ve garnered much success already. Was the process of renovating such a large space and opening the gallery challenging? It was such an amazing experience. My partner and I, Mariano, had the opportunity to create a place from nothing. It was actually literally nothing; it was a place full of squatters for years. It was so stimulating that I can almost say that is wasn’t an insane plan (Irene laughs).

You’re an accomplished DJ, artist, and entrepreneur. How do you balance all three pursuits? Well, when you do what you love it is so much easier, but i think its important to manage time and energy. Knowing what is the immediate priority – so that way I can practice music when a gig is near – to having a meeting on a Monday, away from the party. Art is always present 24 hours a day seven days a week. I breath art moment by moment, minute by minute.  Creativity is something that stimulates me, and is in some ways an extension of my personality as it is my main life’s motivation. 

What has been your most memorable experience at Haimney so far? Last exhibition, last week, the first one of Romain Delaunay, its the kind of expo i like, multidisciplinary exposition with an unique concept. You’ll have to check out Facebook to see what I am talking about. 

What’s your favourite wine – red, white or rose and why? Rose, not too heavy not too dry. Rose can be had anytime of year and any time of day, so it is a perfect wine for me. 

If you could share a bottle of wine with anyone famous (dead or alive) who would it be and why? Kandinsky. Period.  I think we could have an interesting discussion about spirituality, art and life in general. If I could, if I’m allowed, I would also invite Legowelt, my favourite contemporary musician. We would make a nice trio for dinner, wine, conversation. It could be a fascinating mindwalk. 

Irene’s photos were taken by Silvia Rocchino – check out her Instagram feed >>>>>>> here

Coming from Argentina with amazing wine, to Spain, also with amazing wine, what are some of the differences for you between the wines of both countries?  You know, it’s funny, because both have regions with affordable wines, quality wines, and I’ve been spoiled to live in both countries. Argentina gets the edge, because wines there are cheaper, if you can believe that, than here. Ha!

Haimney is more than just a gallery. How does your life philosophy determine which artists and which styles you want to promote and display? For us in more important the meaning, the concept, and it must be well done, we are conceptual but not lazy; we prefer a piece that speaks on its own. You won’t find “books” attached beside the pieces for explanation. Our gallery is clean and minimalistic to ensure total focus on the art itself. 

Where is the wine region in the world you love to go for wine, that you have not experienced yet? Mmmmm I guess that it would be nice to see the aurora borealis with a nice bottle and nice ambient music. I know that’s not a wine region, but a region of wine for me is where you are with a bottle, a glass and good company.

Where is your favourite place to enjoy a glass of wine?  A place full of friends, preferably with an aurora borealis as our canvas.