If you’re like me, when you’re on a vineyard tour,  your mind probably wanders to thinking how perfect the tour experience is in that moment.  Lately, my mind has been drifting to consider things making perfect moments even more perfect. It’s not unusual for me to think “the only thing that could make this experience perfecter would be if this vineyard had a restaurant.”

The vines of Can Bonastre rest up for 2015.

Sometimes I’m enjoying myself so much I want to stay longer, maybe have some more wine and not have to worry about driving home. These are the times I think “this would be more perfecter if this place had a hotel or some rooms to rent so I could just stay over and drink more wine.”  However, as of late, I’ve been having very unusual thoughts and desires while visiting vineyards.  In these growing instances I think, “the only thing that would be most perfecter is if this place had a spa where I would be rubbed down with cava.”

Still with me? Still reading? Good.

I imagine you realise my most perfecter desires have, as of yet, may not been satisfied.

Or have they?

What if I told you I know a place where you can get all this, and even the cava rub? It’s called Can Bonastre Wine Resort, located just a stone’s throw from Barcelona in alt Penedes.

Tribia at Can Bonastre Wine Resort.
Tribia at Can Bonastre Wine Resort.

If you’re like me, many of you winos* (see below) are probably also foodies. The restaurant, Tribia, at Can Bonastre Wine Resort will satisfy your cravings. Deriving its name from a white grape varietal which flourished in Catalunya during the Middle Ages, Tribia serves regional and seasonal cuisine made entirely from locally sourced ingredients. This includes the Na Joana Arbequina olive oil, made specifically for the restaurant’s guests from the olives growing on Can Bonastre, part of their kilometre 0 program. Casual and elegant, Tribia is located in the the old vaulted area of the original Bodega Can Bonastre and boasts a private dining room, 60 seat terrace and a stunning view of Mount Monserrat. Tribia hits the trifecta of wonderful food, enchanting setting and beautiful landscape.

But what do you do once the food coma hits? We suggest you stay, and it just so happens Can Bonastre has 12 gorgeous and uniquely designed rooms at your disposal to help you extend your time amongst the splendour, and more importantly, indulge in more wine. Let us not forget what we are.** (see below) All the rooms are lavishly decorated and inspired by the surrounding landscape, with every room taking in one of the breathtaking views of the alt Penedes countryside, filled with vines, and watched over by the previously mentioned Montserrat mountain range. However, beyond the aesthetic pleasures of each, the rooms are also a tremendous value. Your stay includes a tour of the winery with wine tasting and access to the spa.

When it comes to their spa, Can Bonastre Wine Resort crosses over from practical pleasure to down right decadent. The Acbua Wine Spa extends body therapy past pool and sauna time, taking in a conventional massage, kicking back with a glass of vino, while viewing the Monserrat mountains. However, their massages are made more perfecter with cava. They call it cavatherapy, or hidroterapia banos terapeuticos, which basically means I’m drinking my bath water for the first time since I was four years old. Okay maybe I’ve done it more recently. Like last week. Cava bath does have a nice ring to it.

Enjoy a relaxing dip at the spa.
Enjoy a relaxing dip at the spa.

Now all this talk about the resort and I nearly forgot to mention Can Bonastre Wine Resort does make wine, and remarkably good wine at that. Wine making is a family tradition here, as is the philosophy of quality before quantity. Touring the cellar one could easily think Can Bonastre produces a large volume of wine. However, while the facility is equipped for higher volume, they prefer to keep production low. In fact, much of the deliciousness produced at Can Bonastre is actually consumed by the happy guests who don’t want to leave. I had the distinct pleasure of indulging in their Nara. It’s 75% of my beloved Syrah, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, then matured 14 months in French oak and finished with 3-5 months in American oak. With a production of only 4000 bottles it is truly a rare pleasure, and one which can truly be thoroughly enjoyed only at the resort.

With the ability to cover your most perfecter desires, Can Bonastre Wine Resort is the premier and most complete enocentric, enoist, enoeverything destination in Catalunya. By successfully combining all the key elements which make enotouristic visits memorable, they have created an unforgettable. wine getaway. We encourage you to go to Can Bonastre to drink, to eat, to explore, to relax and maybe even to get engaged to that special someone. Oh, and by the way, should you pop the question here and decide maybe you want to get married here, it is an option. You can can actually rent out the whole place for you wedding party, including all 12 rooms starting at just… well, send them an email because if I print how much it costs, you really won’t believe how inexpensive a five star wedding experience can be. It also means it’s a great spot for business meetings as well!

Can Bonastre Wine resort is the perfecter destination, with the most perfecter activities for enodisciples.

* This is not meant to offend and is a term of endearment. I prefer to call a spade a spade. If you’re standing in the middle of a grape farm, happy as a pig in mud, and salivating from just looking at the vines you’re a wino. It’s okay, be proud.
** Refer to first asterisk.

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