There are a few social media accounts who do a great job making the wine industry approachable and fun. One of them is the @winewankers, who have amassed a huge following with their fun and humorous way of educating the general public about wine. Conrad, one of the wankers, was on holiday in Europe with his wife and took the opportunity to visit a few of the wine regions while they were here.

Catalunya Experience is the promotional arm of the Catalunya Regional Government’s tourism board, and they are taking Conrad and his wife around the region to not only show them the various wine regions, but also many of the cool things which make Catalunya special.

We caught up with Conrad at Alta Alella, one of the wineries we’ve featured many times on this website. Valerie, director of communications, took us on one of their typical tours, which went through the vineyards, and showcased their special way of making 100% organic wines and cavas. We also have the fortune of enjoying a breakfast prepared by Luca, chef and owner of Pati la Morera, located a few minutes from the winery.

I have to say that Conrad in person is exactly how he communicates to the wine public on social media. While he has a self-depracating style, I was impressed by his wine knowledge, observations, and questions he had for Valerie and Luca both. It’s easy to see why @winewankers has become so popular on social media because of their authenticity and dedication to those who follow them.

What’s cool about Alta Alella is the fact it’s only 20 minutes by car from Barcelona, making it accessible for those who may be on a quick weekend getaway to the city. Conrad was surprised to see such scenery and such an commercially undeveloped area so close to a major metropolis the size of Barcelona. He was also impressed with Alta Alella’s commitment to organic wine production.

I look forward to following more of his exploits in Catalunya and beyond! So far, Conrad’s tweets and photos have given his unique perspective on Catalunya wine to the wine world in general.