You’ve just returned from an epic wine holiday in, say, Catalunya. You purchased 6 bottles of wine from 6 different vineyards, two bottles which were very expensive and limited editions. So, you wrap them in plastic bags, and stuff them inside of your clothes in your suitcase to make sure they stay safe. However, you weren’t counting on the baggage handlers playing Brett Favre with the suitcase, shattering the bottles, cutting the plastic and leaking your treasure all over your expensive Armani suit.

Our Lazenne case was indispensable on several trips to Priorat, here at Sao del Coster.

Fear travelling with wine no more, as Lazenne has the ultimate solution: wine luggage.

We got to know the team at Lazenne through social media after a friend of ours encountered a similar scenario to the first paragraph. After reaching out to Lazenne, buying a couple of cases, we fell in love. The luggage is easy to use, and definitely protects your wine.

Lazenne wine luggage is three parts: a rugged nylon shell, a reinforced cardboard box “sleeve”, and styrofoam inserts in various configurations. They have 6 bottle and 3 bottle setups for both standard size wine bottles, and oversized bottles like the ones used for cava production. While styrofoam may not be the most “green” option, it does a fabulous job of keeping the bottles cool, and also ensures any condensation doesn’t affect the cardboard box, or leak out all over other luggage in contact with the wine case. It also means the inserts will last a considerably long time, as some of its cardboard competition will deteriorate quickly with wear and tear.

After testing the cases for almost two months, we have nothing but positive things to say. Their ability to keep the cold in and the heat out makes them a great companion for our wine travels throughout Catalunya. We’ve utilised dry ice inside the styrofoam case on longer trips to ensure cold stays cold, but on shorter trips it hasn’t been necessary, something that Lazenne themselves hadn’t thought of until we mentioned it. The fact it has wheels, a nice handle for toting while wheeling, and also two handles for carrying means its versatile enough for almost any vineyard situation.

Our logistics manager likes to take it to the beach! Perfect for keeping wine cold, and carrying other beach items!

Because we travel frequently, we’ve also used the case for storage of 6 bottles only, removing one of the inserts to store our production equipment, making life a little easier and more efficient. Plus, we’ve actually taken it to the beach and used it for cold drinks/wine/food and beach items, cutting down carrying two or three different bags into one luggage.

All in all, if you are a wine lover who likes to bring wine back with you, this is your best option. Best part is that Lazenne wine luggage is air travel approved, so you won’t have any hassles checking the bag with your airline. For more details on how Lazenne works with air travel, they’ve got a great article outlining the highlights (click on this highlighted text to make the jump).

Lazenne products are now available at both Cellers Scala Dei in Priorat, and Terra Remota in Emporda. If you want to take 12 bottles with you when you visit either winery, now you can!