In 1983, Jaume Siurana of l’Incavi and Manuel Raventos Artes from Codorniu i del Celler de Raimat put forward a proposal to create a Denominació d’Origen in the region near Lleida, Costers del Segre. In 1986, the region was officially recognized as its own DO. To this day, Raimat is the most well known brand internationally from Costers del Segre.

Costers del Segre

After the phylloxera outbreak, many of the traditional areas for grapes were instead used for olives. Due to the harsh region and its semi-arid climate, Costers del Segre has evolved into an innovative and versatile DO. Due to the vast desert regions of the area, many vineyards utilise canals to provide irrigation.

Raimat CastleWhat could be termed a weakness leads to the strength of the wine produced in DO Costers del Segre. Due to the colder winters and dry hot summers, the concentration of grape aromas is higher than some produced in other regions.

The relative “flat” nature of the land in parts of Costers del Segre also has led to other innovations, as exemplified by Raimat. The winery in 1988 leveled a hill to place a modern wine cellar for aging wines underground. Essentially, Raimat rebuilt the hill afterwards, with only a top portion of the building still exposed. After construction was completed, Raimat planted Cabernet Sauvignon grapes around the hill.

There are two types of vines in wine production, ones which are the traditional low bushes, with more recent and internationally acquired vines grown on trellises. The use of trellises has given many vineyards in the region the ability to mechanise operations, including harvesting.

Due to its geographical location, the region also shares territory with the Cava region, and a few of the vineyards in DO Costers del Segre produce the Spanish sparkling wine, Cava.


DO Costers del Segre has a long list of recommended and allowed grape varieties.

For whites:

  • Macabeu, Xarel lo, Parellada, Chardonnay Garnatxa Blanca, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscatell, Malvasia o subirat parent, Gewurztraminer, Albarinho
  • Albarinho and Moscatell de gra petit are also authorized

For reds:

  • Garnatxa Negra, Ull de llebre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Monastrell o Morastrell, Trepat, Mazuela o Samso, Pinot Noir, Syrah


The vineyards recognised by DO Costers del Segre are as follows. Vineyards with active websites are hotlinked in blue.