Pasanau and Paella brings Priorat to Barcelona’s international visitors

When two like-minded businesses come together to create a synergistic opportunity, the results are usually spectacular, and such the nature of the relationship between Celler Pasanau and The Paella Club.

Both Celler Pasanau and The Paella Club cater their experiences to visitors to our region. Celler Pasanau has entertained a slew of visitors to Catalunya through several tourism partners, and now their additional efforts through their re-minted marketing and social media channels. Their latest partnership is with Raval’s The Paella Club, where Celler Pasanau has brought a diverse selection of current vintages, along with some older vintages to provide TPC’s clientele a more in depth opportunity to explore the wonders of Priorat wine.

Celler Pasanau is one of the highest wineries in Priorat, with vineyards and their winery over 500m elevation in La Morera de Montsant, perched underneath the iconic Montsant mountain range which borders the Priorat appellation to the north. The views from the vineyard, across to the Mediterranean are nothing short of spectacular. Their visitor’s experience gives an intimate opportunity to spend time with the winemaking team, and also enjoy some of the regional products alongside their stable of dynamic wines.

If you’re not able to head out to visit Priorat during your stay in Barcelona, then The Paella Club is an opportunity to enjoy their wines, plus learn how to make one of the most iconic dishes from Spain. Check out The Paella Club’s page for more details on what they offer, here. However, for 15€ per person for three wines, a tour of vineyard, and the winery (plus locally produced complimentary aperitifs) it is definitely worth the Priorat visit to Celler Pasanau.