If you’re looking for a sweet red wine, DO Tarragona is the place, and has been the place since the time of the ancient Romans, when the sweet red wine from the region was exported to Rome. In those times, it was known as the Tarraconensis territories, and they were also given the Appellation of Origin Tarragona by the empire.

Roman amphitheatre

Tarragona has a wide swath of growing regions, extending from the coast of the Mediterranean all the way inland to its border with the province of Lleida. Tarragona comprises two official sub-zones. Camp de Tarragona extends around the city of Tarragona in a 30 kilometre radius, with an altitude of approximately 200m above sea level. The other sub zone is Ribera d’Ebre, which is located to the south and the west of the city of Tarragona. Plateaus along the banks of the River Ebro are main locations of the vineyards, with an altitude between 100m to 400m above sea level.

Tarragona has embraced the modernisation of wine production, and the incorporation of new grapes into the traditional vineyards of the region. There are only a few traditional wines still in production today, from Rancios which are left out in glass jars soaking up the sun then aged four years, to Tarragona Classico made from Ull de LlebreĀ grape, and sweet dessert wines.


The following grape varieties are authorised in the region:

White wines

  • Macabeo, Garnacha Blanca, Pedro Ximenez

Red wines

  • Garnach tinta, Carinena, Ull de Llebre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot


The following vineyards are registered with DO Tarragona. The websites of the vineyards are hotlinked in blue