Terra Remota


In 1999 the Bournazeaus, Marc and Emma, came back to Emporda and fell in love with a plot of land near San Climent Sebeces. They had already been involved in another wine project in France, and also invested in one in Chile, but Emma’s family had Catalan roots which took a French direction during the Spanish Civil War. For them, it was a homecoming that turned into critically acclaimed wines from new planted vines including Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and more. In a short time, their wines have been place in Michelin star restaurants all over the world, including the famous Catalan restaurant Celler Can Roca.

The Wines 

Terra Remota currently produces nine varietals of wine, mostly reds with five of their varietals being of the red range, with two whites and two rosés rounding out the range. From young and flavourful to aged, oaky and strong, Terra Remota has something which appeals to most wine connoisseurs. The winery has received top marks from well known critics who all remark on the maturity and quality of the entire range despite the fact the vines utilised are all under 20 years of age.

The Land

With over 50 hectares of forest and vineyards, Terra Remota is a unique opportunity to not only explore their amazing vineyards, but a naturally preserved forest environment, filled with indigenous fauna and flora. The Bournazeaus focus on harmony with nature, which is why they will only be developing maximum 25 hectares for wine production, while leaving the balance to grow naturally. The views from their vineyards are spectacular, including panoramic views of the Pyrenees, and mountainous regions of Alt Emporda.

The Winery

The winery building itself has won design and sustainability awards, and is just another spectacular feature of a visit to Terra Remota. Comprising several levels, and constructed within one of the hills of the estate, the winery takes advantage of gravity for their winemaking process, with the grapes entering the top portion, and finishing the process at the base level. The Bournazeaus are big on minimum intervention, in order to capture an authentic wine and wine experience.  Based on its construction, all the various roof levels of the winery are living, and will eventually blend the structure into the hillside completely. Plus, they have also allowed the natural foliage to grow on the exterior walls, whose evolution we’ve enjoyed on every visit over the past few years.

The Tour

Terra Remota is set up very well to receive visitors. They have two tours available – a standard two hour tour where you spend time in the winery, understand the process, visit the vineyard, and have a tasting either in the winery or in one of the vineyards. They also have a tasting and lunch option, where you can enjoy a typical Catalan style lunch in one of several different locations. Both require reservations, and the lunch option requires minimum 24 hours advance notice – no showing up and hoping for food!

Secret Tip

If you ask nicely, while not normally an option on the tour, you can have a supervised view from the very top of the winery, which has an amazing 360 panoramic view (the normal view is not too shabby, either)