The Paella Club


The Experience

Unique and original experiences are not easy to find in Barcelona, but The Paella Club has put together one of the best culinary experiences in Barcelona. In a fantastic venue located in the heart of Raval, you have the opportunity to learn the secrets of cooking great paella in an interactive class setting where YOU make your own paella, then afterwards sit and enjoy with your fellow classmates.

The Details

With four class offerings daily offered at set hours, you can select a time that works for you, and for any groups size up to 16 people, and enjoy one of their classes. Not only do they have classes available, but they also rent the venue for private events where they provide the catering and entertainment, plus they also can do larger group classes customised to suit your particular needs. The classes are led by owner Alex Betolaza and chef Alex Villar, who has worked at Michelin star restaurants, and also is the first North American graduate from the Basque Culinary Centre.

The History

Owner Alex Betolaza is from the Basque Country of Spain. Basque Country is the only region in Spain where men take place behind the stove as part of their cultural heritage. There are even private cooking clubs where all members are male, where are called txokos. Alex remained true to his roots during his life journey which lead him to London, Los Angeles and Miami, where he worked in various trendy restaurants. While abroad, Alex noticed an reoccurring phenomena: as soon as people heard he was from Spain, they asked him about the secrets of a great paella. It gave him the idea – why not teach people those secrets? He decided on Barcelona for a variety of reasons, but mainly because the city has become a multicultural centre attracting people from all over the world where he could share the secrets of great paella.

The Wine Connection

Alex and Alex have selected some of the best local wines to pair with their paella recipes, which you get to enjoy along with your cooking and eating experience. You can also take the wine away with you, should you desire.


A warm, cozy and inviting environment has been tailor-made with custom interior design to not only fit the space, but also to fit the style of the area, and its origins as a bakery prior to Alex renovating the space into the paella club. You flow from the entry, with a greeting area, into a small shop with many local food-related products to take home, then into the cooking area with 8 stations for two people, and then finally in the back is the “enjoyment area” in a large communal style table.

Secret Tip

The last class of the day has an amazing experience with some extras…. you’ll have to sign up to really find out. If we say anymore, the Alexes will hurt us.


This is one of the most authentic and enjoyable experiences in Barcelona. If you like to learn, you like to have fun, and you love gastronomy experiences, this is one you cannot miss.