The Wittmore


The Wittmore is an exclusive and private 5 star hotel with one of the most remarkable dining rooms in Barcelona. It is a great escape for light tapas, lunch, or an exclusive dinner. The seating arrangements give you maximum privacy, and features an inner courtyard set up to use all year round, with a gorgeous plant-lined feature wall. You never know who you might see while enjoying a cocktail or dining experience, but the key part is you’re not allowed to take photos, and “members/hotel guests” are only allowed for lunch. No children and no pets are also of note, as this is an adults only playground. 


The wine selection features top choices of Catalan, French, and Spanish wines. The price range goes from the inexpensive (Silencis white from Raventos i Blanc) to the expensive. The hallmark of the list is the fact that they have chosen the best quality at every price point. 


The menu offers quality choices of typical fine dining experiences, and also selections for North America visitors with a lack of adventure. The Russian salad is one of the best in Barcelona, but their selections for duck, pork and lamb are tasty and a treat. 


This is an exclusive hotel with all the trapping going along with such. Staying overnight is an absolute treat where the staff will give you an experience equal to all top-end luxury hotels. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner, an exclusive business meeting, or just want a little privacy, this is definitely the place for you. 

Secret Tip

After 18:30 beginning in late spring, the rooftop terrace features one of the best views in Gotico, especially from what we call “The Crow’s Nest.”

Wine Pricing            € – €€€€

Wine Quality           *****

Wine Uniqueness    *****


If you’re into luxury dining, luxury wine, and luxury cocktails with top service, this is the place for you.