Tia Santa


Tia Santa is a unique and eclectic restaurant with a mix of kilometre 0 flair which is organic, fresh, and a dash of vegan/vegetarian sensibility. Located at the south end of Gracia, near Av Diagonal and Passeig de Garcia, you’ll enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner beginning at 7:30 am until midnight daily. Affordable options with high quality makes this place a great option for your “regular” frequency. 


With a focus on local wines, with a few other typical Spanish choices, Tia Santa requires their wines to be organic at minimum, with a few offerings of a biodynamic nature. You’ll find super affordable wines here, including a selection of varietals from DO Alella acclaimed vineyard, Boquet d’Alella, located a mere 25 minutes from central Barcelona. 


There is an eclectic mix of Asian, North American, Mediterranean and continental cuisine. Breakfast gives you the typical Catalan experience of bocadillos or pastries, giving way to an affordable lunch time “menu” of a starter, entree, dessert and beverage, which is rotated weekly. You can also order a la carte for lunch, which is the same offering for the dinner menu, and you’ll find something for everyone, even for the fussiest of diners. 


Bright, earthy and colourful are the main ingredients of Tia Santa. Dining mainly is a few steps above the entrance where seating arrangements allow for groups, twos, or fours. Downstairs features an area for larger groups who wish to have privacy. Tia Santa is a place for those who enjoy being around people and don’t mind the bustle of a busy dining room experience.

Secret Tip

The tiramisu is out of this world, and the burger is definitely a beefy homage to its North American cousins. 

Wine Pricing            €

Wine Quality           ***

Wine Uniqueness    ***


If you are looking for something that is open all hours every day options for all three meal times, or even in-between snacks, and an affordable option featuring high quality ingredients, this is definitely your spot.